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Downsizing The Load When You Move

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During the weeks leading up to your big move, there is so much to do. You will have to do all of the planning, packing and contacting so many people to change your address and possibly your phone number. One thing that you need to be doing during those weeks is lessening the load of things you will be moving. Seriously, think about how much stuff you have around the house that you haven't used and probably won't use again anytime soon. Instead of paying to have all of that stuff moved, it's time to reduce the load. Here are a few tips that can help:

Clothes and Shoes

Most men, women, and children have way more clothes than they need or will wear. Don't just pack up everything in each drawer or closet. Go through each item one by one and think about the last time it was worn. If it hasn't been worn in the past year or the kids will grow out of seasonal clothing before the next season, get rid of it.

Get rid of the shoes that you won't wear because they kill your feet, those shoes that smell so badly that they have to be stored in a separate area and those that are falling apart. Shoes can take up a lot of space and so many of them never even get worn.

Toys and Kids' Stuff

A kid's toy collection can take up a lot of space. All too often, the kids' interest changes quickly and the toys that they had to have a few months ago are now just taking up space and collecting dust. Instead of taking all of those toys with you, work with your kids to eliminate the stuff that isn't played with. Utilize the Facebook Marketplace or local classified pages to sell the kids toys. Let them keep the money so that they are more motivated to downsize their collections.

In the Kitchen

So many people have way more stuff in their kitchens than they actually need. Instead of packing it all up and cluttering up your new home, think about organizing and eliminating a lot of it. Get rid of the containers that don't have the matching lids or the lids that don't have containers. Eliminate the pans that have started losing their Teflon coating, etc. Anything incomplete that you won't miss can be thrown out or donated.

Start talking with your local movers to learn the rates of the different services and the sizes of trucks. This will give you an idea of how much stuff you want to let go of before moving day.