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Tips for Moving Business-Scale Electronics & Sensitive Instruments

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Does your business need to move entire departments of computers that aren't just basic workstations? If your systems are high-performance, specialized, or have exposed inner components, asking random employees to treat the devices as fragile won't do much for safety and preservation. Static shock, grabbing components that aren't obviously sensitive, and instrument contamination can happen with even the most careful carrying because it's an issue of specifics.

Here are a few specific details for moving electronics and scientific instruments to help you understand why coordination and professional protection is important. 

Static Shock & Computers

Computers and other electronics usually use a printed circuit board (PCB) with a set of electronic traces made of copper, gold, or a similar conductive material. This is used to transfer information from one point to another in rapid succession.

Data is actually electricity that moves in a precise pattern to represent small parts of bigger files. To move quickly, electronic traces are thin enough that the data won't spread and leak like water in a paper towel because there aren't many other places to go.

Because of this conductivity and small size, an overload of electricity can be devastating. Static shock—the same shock that happens in the winter or in dry conditions when you touch a car door or a person's skin—can destroy unseen electronics, and even the visible parts can't be repaired easily.

Static buildup has a few specific, but common ways of happening. Moving things around happens to be one of the biggest static generators, and if you're tasking employees or friends of the company to move your equipment, you're introducing what is essentially an endless lightning storm.

Instead, contact a commercial relocation company to handle the move. Let them know about your specific moving conditions and sensitive devices and give the company time to devise a proper management plan.

Sensitive Instruments & Fragile Storage

Fragile storage is meant to protect objects such as glass, thin wood, bone, or other objects from breaking because of light impact. The light impact could be anything from driving over unavoidable bumps in the road to being accidentally dropped by movers.

For scientific instruments, there are a lot of components that can be damaged simply by inertia or the ability of objects to continue moving unless something changes their conditions. When a bump or sudden stop happens, certain glass measurement rods, thin computer cards, and other sensitive attachments may swing around and become projectiles no matter how much packing material you have on the outside.

Allow a commercial moving company to either secure the insides of your devices, or task a technician to dismantle and isolate different components. These individual parts are safer when taken apart as long as someone can put everything back together at the end of the move.

Contact a commercial relocation professional to discuss the move and your sensitive device needs.