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Amenities To Consider When Selecting A Boat Storage Facility

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Storing your boat in a facility dedicated to boats, yachts, and other vessels can sometimes come with some helpful amenities. Before settling on a boat storage location, ask the facility if it offers any of the following features. With a few extra perks, you can enjoy added convenience from ship to shore.

Boat Maintenance

Some boat storage facilities partner with maintenance and repair companies to offer discounts on a variety of services. You may be able to have your boat cleaned before putting it into storage, or you might be able to have regular maintenance and repairs performed over the winter months so your boat is ready to use when the weather breaks. By having access to these services and discounted prices, you can be sure your vessel gets the attention it needs to remain seaworthy.

Annual Contracts

Boat storage facilities can fill up quickly, and that means you might not always have access to a storage space when you need it. Signing an annual contract with your storage location can help ensure you have a spot when it's time to take your boat out of the water. These contracts often come with flexible payment plans, so you can pay throughout the year for your storage unit. This means smaller payments along with a guaranteed spot for your boat when fall rolls around.

Harbor Access

Your boat storage facility may also partner with the local harbor, which can mean discounts and early access to docking locations. You can rest easy knowing that you'll have a spot in your local harbor when it's time to take your boat out of storage. Having a dedicated harbor spot also means not having to search for a place to drop anchor every time you go out on the water.


If you do select a spot in a harbor near your boat storage facility, you may be able to have your boat transported to and from the storage location for you. The storage facility will remove the boat from the water, tow it, and secure it in your storage space. From there, you can winterize your vessel and prepare it for long-term winter storage. Without having to worry about renting a trailer or hitching your vessel, you can enjoy a smooth transition at the end of boating season.

Not all storage facilities offer these amenities, and those that do may be more expensive in some cases. However, having some extra benefits can make owning and caring for a boat a bit easier throughout the year.