Storing Without Adding Stress

Prepping Mattresses For A Move

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As you get ready to move, you will likely plan how to pack boxes and protect small items from damage. However, you may not have considered how to pack and prep your mattresses for the move. Here are some things you can do to protect them from damage and ensure they are ready to use when they arrive at your new home. Spot Clean The Fabric Preparing to move gives you a great excuse for finally spot cleaning your mattresses. Read More»

Are You Making A Move Before Christmas?

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Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you would have to move from one house to another one right before Christmas,  one of the busiest times of the year? Perhaps you were selling the house you are presently living in much earlier than you expected to. Or, it may be that you received a transfer that involves a business move. For whatever reason you are moving before Christmas, from organizing your belongings to arranging for a moving company to make the move, here are some ideas that might help you: Read More»

Tips To Help You Pack & Move Your Household In One Piece

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Packing and moving an entire household can be extremely stressful. So it’s important to allot some time out so you can make sure all of your fragile items are secure. One website says that if you live in a larger house, this time allotment is imperative since it can take weeks to prepare for the move. You’ll also want to get help from a moving service, so that they can help you move large pieces that you cannot move yourself. Read More»